SiempreCMS - an Open Source PHP based CMS that produces clean HTML with zero baggage!

Welcome to SiempreCMS

A brand new, opensource, PHP based CMS. Allowing complete freedom over the markup produced.

The developer, Steve Morgan, was inspired by Umbraco - the Open Source C# CMS - but often found that for smaller clients and businesses the cost of hosting Umbraco was prohibitive. None of the existing PHP-based solutions appeared to be as flexible for both the developer and the client and often resulted in poor page loading times, limitations on mark-up and the need for lots of horrible hacks and plugins just to get a simple workable solution. 

Is this a complete replacement for Umbraco? No, it's no-where near as feature-laden but for simple sites with a few pages I hope you'll fine this is the ideal CMS solution.


  • Open Source!
  • No licence fees or subscriptions
  • Super fast page load times
  • Complete freedom on markup
  • Powerful, yet simple to use back office
  • Familiar User Interface for non-techie editors
  • Caching
  • No limits on creating responsive and backwards-compatiable sites.. the markup is your own. 

What it can't do.. yet(?)

From working with other CMSs you might feel the missing features are:

  • A fancy installer - you need to manually copy the files and run a SQL script
  • Pagination and AJAX - this is a planned feature to "load" in more news items for example.
  • Multi-lingual site support
  • Save drafts - at present you can only edit and Save and Publish
  • Version rollback
  • User access restrictions - currently all users have access to all areas.
  • User roles - e.g. editors and pubishers

I'd love to add all of the above but time and money are the deciding factors. The project is open source so feel free to fork and send a Pull Request if you can tick any of the above off!