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Pagination and AJAX Features

24/04/2016 - Steve Morgan

One of the big missing features has been the ability to add pagination to pages with lots of child records (e.g. think of a list of news articles).

I'm pleased to say work on this is mostly complete - I've checked the changes into Github so download the latest Master branch if you want to see it. I'll be testing and tweaking this code and creating a full release when I get a chance.


SiempreCMS v1.3.6 released

16/04/2016 - Steve Morgan

A fix for when user sessions logs out that shows a horrible error.


SiempreCMS v1.3.5 is released!

12/01/2016 - Steve Morgan

Release for v1.3.5


  • #3 Template responsive fix
  • #4 - Fix for primary page not suggested in root level nodes.
  • #7 - Compound Logic Bug in template - fix for issue where compound logic statements evaluate incorrectly

New Features:

  • #2 RET Inline images - ability to insert images in the rich text editors for greater flexibility.


SiempreCMS is released!

12/01/2016 - Steve Morgan

SiempreCMS has been released today! A project I started as a hobby from a hammock whilst travelling South America is now live! I'd love to hear what you think!


It's on version 1.3.4 - I've been using it personally for a year or so and working on making it feature complete enough to release publicly!